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Communicating God's Truth

Many people have a message buried within that needs to be mined, polished, and presented to the world. The Dragomir Group offers services to assist dreamers in becoming writers.


Truth does not change. It may be discovered, but not created. God's Word is the source of all truth. Dale and Rhonda Dragomir present the Word of God in meaningful, memorable ways.


ISSA provides information, spiritual support, and accountability in an online weight loss community. Daily e-mails encourage members to successfully lose weight permanently with spiritual power.


Dragomir Group Services

Website design

Your website is your personal brand—a place for people

to know you and discover your brand. The Dragomir Group

will assist you in designing a professional website

and making it accessible on the Internet.


The world of books is rapidly changing with the advent of self-publishing. The difference between mediocrity and excellence is professional proofreading and skilled editing. Don't let spelling, grammar, or homonyms be your downfall!


The Dragomir Group offers professional typesetting services, working with authors to choose  typeface, formatting, and graphics. Good typesetting communicates your message and makes your book, whether digital or printed, a joy to read!

conferences & workshops

Dale and Rhonda Dragomir have decades of experience as

teachers and speakers. Choose from the themes they have

already crafted, or ask them to develop messages

from the Word of God tailor-made for your group.

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