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Daily E-mail

As you lose weight with the diet plan of your choice, ISSA provides a daily e-mail with inspiration to keep you on track  with weight loss efforts.


Have you ridden the diet rollercoaster, losing pounds with tremendous effort only to put them on again in a few months? Lasting success in weight loss comes when the power of God infuses us with spiritual strength to tame fleshly cravings and attitudes. Join ISSA and receive information, spiritual support, and accountability to overcome weight problems for life.




Group Resources

Weigh-in Wednesdays give you the option to report your weight results for the week to a group of people who share your challenges and understand your struggles.

Beginning in February 2018, ISSA will provide weekly lesson plans and Power-Point presentations for leaders who want to begin a local ISSA group in their city.

ISSA Weight Loss

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